No.1, 2023

Study of the Historical Experience of the Chinese Communist Party during the

 Past CenturyQu Qingshan

An Exposition by Young Scholars on the Great Spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress

 Mao Wenting et al.

A Written Conversation on “Construction of the Subject of CPC History in the

 Face of the New Era”(Part Ⅲ)Song Jian et al.

Early Local Attempts by the Youth League to Become “Bolshevik”

 ——Ruan Xiaoxian and the Organizational Rectification of the Youth League in

Guangdong after its Second National CongressShen Zhigang

The Medical Situation of CPC Members in the White Areas (1927-1935)Li Li

Chiang Kai-shek’s Terror and Destruction of the U.S. Contacts with the CPC During the

 Late Period of the Anti-Japanese War:Focusing on Chiang Kai-shek’s Diaries

 Chen Hongmin

Grain Administration at the Grassroots Level during the Period of Collectivization

 ——A Case Study of a Village in Northern HebeiZhang Hairong

The New Life of Yun DaiyingHuang Daoxuan

The Essence, Mirror Image, and Empirical Research Standards in the Study of the

 History of CPC IdeologyWu Qimin

A Discussion of Interdisciplinary Issues in the Study of Contemporary Chinese History

 Dong Guoqiang