No.2, 2022

The  Theoretical Logic and Practical Requirement of Xi Jinping’s Important Discourse on Common Prosperity

Zhang Zhanbin & Bi Zhaoqing

The Great Achievements of CPC Political Building Since 18th National Congress

Mu Zhaoyong

Objective and Path: Reviewing Deng Xiaoping’s Conception of Common Prosperity

Xiao Donglian

Strategic Layout of the CPC during the Anti-Japanese War in South China (1936-1941)

Li Xiang

The U.S. Yan’an Observation Group and the Transformation of CPC Diplomacy towardthe U.S.

Hou Zhongjun

Exploration of CPC Methods of Collecting and Managing the Industrial and Commercial Tax in Shanghai before and after the Founding of New China

Zhao Maochen

Sino-German Negotiations and the Influence of the Localization of Santana Cars


Chen Tao

Study of CPC Social Governance of Water Areas in the 1950s and 1960s:

Taking the Adjustment of Lake Taihu Administrative District as an Example

Li Wei

Study of Urban Greening in Shanghai in the 1960s and 1970s

Jin Dalu

Communications between the Communist Party of China and the Communist Party USA during the Period of the New Democratic Revolution

Zhang Muyun

A Review of Research on the Construction and Social Transformation of Urban Political

Power in the Early Period of New China

Lian Wenmei

Review and Introduction to the Archives Collected in Japan on CPC Propaganda Work during the Anti-Japanese War Period

Zhao Xinli