No. 4 2023

Chinese Modernization Is Socialist Modernization Led by the CPC


A New Cultural Mission: Developing a Modern Chinese Civilization

Qiushi Commentary

The “Two Integrations”: the Only Path and Strongest Assurance for Our Success

Theoretical Study Group Under the Executive Council of the Institute of Party History and Literature of the CPC Central Committee

Advancing Chinese Modernization Through High-Quality and Full Employment

Wang Xiaoping

Adhering to the Chinese Modernization Path of Harmony Between Humanity and Nature

Wang Guanghua

Expanding Prospects for Chinese Modernization Through High-Standard Opening Up

Ren Hongbin

Accelerating the Development of a Modern Industrial System Underpinned by the Real Economy

Zheng Shanjie

Developing Whole-Process People’s Democracy and Ensuring the People Run the Country

Core Theoretical Study Team of the CPC Leadership Group for the Working Bodies of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee

Developing the Water Network and Ensuring Water Security

CPC Leadership Group of the Ministry of Water Resources