No. 2, 2023

The Chinese Path to Modernization and the Course of World Modernization/WANG HUAICHAO

Chinese Modernization: A New Landscape for the Great Dream of the Chinese Nation/QI WEIPING

The Modernization Paths of Economically and Culturally “Backward” Countries: Chronological Questions and Answers/SUN LAIBIN

International Perspectives of Chinese Modernization/HAN XIPING & HAO JINGZHI

“Five Imperatives” of Advancing the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation on All Fronts Through a Chinese Path to Modernization/SHEN YANG & XIN XIANGYANG

Marx and Engels’ Thought of Common Prosperity for All: Basics, Historical Evolution and Contemporary Values/ZHU FENGMING

The Origins, Historical Evolution and Prospects of the New Left in Japan/ZHU XUXU

The Logic of Digital Capital Power Operation: A Perspective of Marx’s Critique of Capital Power/XIANG DONGXU

Significant Factors Influencing the Choice of Modernization Path and Its Success or Failure/WU ZHONGMIN

The Applicability and Inapplicability of Modernization Theory/LI LUQU & HE JINGRU


(Translator: WANG YAO)