Social Sciences in China, No. 12, 2023

A Theoretical Analysis of "Harnessing Capital" and Chinese Modernization// Xi Ge

How National Poverty Alleviation Action Responds to Differentiated Needs-Targeted Poverty Alleviation and It's Contribution to Knowledge // Lv Fang adn Huang Chengwei

China's Dual Structure-Based Growth Accounting-Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Introducing the Labor Employment Rate // Zhao Wen

The Chu Bamboo Slips-Shi Jing: Zhao Nan: Zou Yu, and the Yuheng System of Remote Antiquity-On the Construction of Contemporary Chinese Classics // Huang Dekuan

Reflections on the Essentialism of Historiography in China's 20th Century Literary History // Zhu Shouxian

History of Physicalism and Historical Materialism// Zhou Jiaxin

The Formation and Structure of the Statutory Reservations of Fundamental Rights in the Chinese Constitution // Chen Peng

An Alternative Thought Experiment: Rereadign "Regret for the Past"// Zhu Guohua

The Generation of "Discursive Potential Energy" and the Shaping of International Discourse //Chen Zheng

The Spread of  Horse-Riding in the Eurasian Steppe and Its Rise in China// Celine Lai