Social Sciences in China, No. 8, 2022

1.Constitutional Judgment in the Field of Criminal Justice and Criminal Law System Civilization

Zhou Guangquan

2.Verbal Existentialism and the Creator's Vision

Zhao Tingyang

3.Historical Materialism:A Shift from the Perspective of the Material Production Process to That of the Labor Process

Zhang Yibing

4.The Philosophical pundaries of the Unconscious: A Contemporary Turn in Continental Philosophical Subjectivity and Apriorism

Li Kelin

5.The Legal Paradigm of Family Property Functionalism

Zhao Yu

6.The Underlying Role of Traditional Chinese Culture in the Uniquely Chinese Path toward Modernization

Shen Xiangping

7.China's Virtual Economy and Calculation of the Scale of Its Added Value: From the Perspective of Sources of National Income

Zhao Wen and Zhang Juwei

8.Coordinating the Fiscal and Financial Framework of the Management of Local Government Debt: Evidence from Financial Markets

Wu Wenfeng and Hu Yue

9.African Literatures and the Diversity of Civilizations

Zhu Zhenwu and Li Dan

10.White Racist Prejudice and the Construction of the Image of the North American Indians

Fu Chengshuang