Theory of Green Development for Ash Haze Dissipation

Theory of Green Development for Ash Haze Dissipation

作(编)者:Lin Zhiqin

出版社:China Economic Press

出版时间:2016-06-01 00:00:00.0

The Theory of Green Development for Ash Haze Dissipation, written by Lin Zhiqin, was published by China Economic Press. Serving as a blue paper for the China Energy & Environment Summit (2016), this book is aimed at establishing a theoretical system, strategic vision and action plan for green development.

In this book, the origin and evolution, theoretical basis, and international and domestic backgrounds for green development are analyzed; domestic and foreign concepts related to green development and greening are summarized and the core concept of green development is presented; such ideas as the greening of economic energy, the green revolution for energy, the greening of institutional system, the greening of culture and science & technology, the greening of evaluation criteria as well as their internal relations are defined in a scientific manner; the general idea, primary approach, as well as specific policy thinking, technical route and consumption way are proposed for the purpose of realizing green development. It is held in the book that to China should adhere to the green development road with Chinese characteristics as evident by elimination of ash haze as the phased goal, greening of culture and science & technology as the foundation, greening of institutional system as the guarantee, greening of economic energy as the breakthrough, and with efficient green, low carbon, energy conservation, environmental protection technologies as well as people's green consumption behaviors as the important support, all in an effort to create green, harmonious development relations between human and nature and promote the global green development.

This book reviews new achievements the China Energy & Environment Summit has made in promoting green development over the past eight years since establishment, and looks far ahead into the prospects of improving the global green intelligence cooperation and communication mechanism and pooling the wisdom and strength of all parties to promote the green development of China and the world.