No.3 2022


Research on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era

The Question of History and  the Answer of Leaders: The Theory and Practice of

  CPC Leaders for Avoiding Historys Cycle of Rise and Fall//Shi Zhongquan1

Xi Jinping’s Thinking on Ecological Civilization Puts the People First//Fang Shinan15

Construct a Discourse of Philosophy and Social Sciences with Chinese Characteristics

Philosophical Reflections on the Great Historical View//Han Zhen21

The CPCs Centennial Moral Pursuit// Zeng Jianping & Zhang Xiaoyang27

Research on Authors of Classical Marxist Writings

The Kinship Relationships of Engels: A Probe into the Emotional World of an

  Outstanding Revolutionary Thinker//Wei Jianhua35

Research on Fundamental Marxist Theories

The Scientific Theory of Alienation of Labor in the Context of Economic Revolution:  Research on Karl Marxs Economic Manuscripts of 186163Part II)//Zhang Yibing47

Schelling in His Late Years and Marx Worked to Overcome Nihilism//Feng Bo64

Cognition and Social Form: A Social Epistemological Interpretation on Historical

  Materialism//Yuan Liguo72

Marx’s Early Transcendence and Reconstruction of Hegel’s “Mediation of the Other”//Zhang Na80

The Double Consciousness of Capital//David Harvey86

Dialogue and Interviews

The Connection between Marxist Theory of History and Ethical Thought:

  An Interview with Professor Paul Blackledge//Xie Tingyu95

Research on Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics

The Mechanism for Building a New Development Pattern//Huang Taiyan & Wu Shun100

The Socialist Development Path of Great Powers: How to Leap over the Caudine

  Forks of Capitalism//Chen Jian & Zhang Xu107

Ecological Products and Their Economic Value from a Perspective of Marxist Ecology//Hai Mingyue & Huan Qingzhi119

Research on Marxist Dissemination History

Research on the Early Dissemination of Marxist Political Economy in China:  Based on the Investigation into the Relevant Chinese Translations in the  Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries//Zhang Kai128

Early Chinese Communists’Communication of the Paris Commune and Its Relevance//Fang Jingya135


A Critical Study of the Libertarian Idea of Freedom: Starting with the Analysis

  of the Relationship between Freedom and Constraint//Cao Qin & Liu Xunlian143

Ownership Theory of Libertarianism: Analysis and Criticism//Li Shi151

Research on Marxism Abroad

A Historical Inquiry into the Logical Presuppositions of Western Modernity: Re-examining the Origins of Marx’s Early Critical Thought on Political Economy//Zhang Xiong & Fu Dongmei159

The New Trend and Contradictions of Capital Accumulation in the Age of  Digital Capitalism//Liu Fengyi & Qu Jiabao170

The Position of Foreign Marxism in the History of Contemporary Chinese Marxist Theory//Juan Hongfei178

On Habermas Method of Rational Reconstruction//Zhou Aimin185

The Problem Consciousness and Realistic Intention of Critical Studies of Contemporary  Imperialism//Qin Shiya193