Int'l community supports establishment of Int'l Day for Dialogue among Civilizations: FM spokesperson

2024-06-12 08:35:09 | Author:xinhua | Source:xinhua 2024-06-11

BEIJING, June 11 (Xinhua) -- The international community unanimously supports the establishment of the International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations, which fully demonstrates that the Global Civilization Initiative (GCI) is in line with the trend of the times and meets the needs of the era, a foreign ministry spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Spokesperson Lin Jian said at a news briefing that Chinese visions and Chinese solutions are gaining increasing understanding, support, and response from more and more countries.

On June 7, the 78th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) unanimously adopted a China-proposed resolution to designate June 10 as the International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations. UN member states and organizations of the UN system have been invited to commemorate this international day.

"China's proposal to establish the International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations aims to enhance global recognition of the important value of cultural diversity and cooperation in exchanges among civilizations," Lin said.

He added that different civilizations are encouraged to strengthen communication, mutual learning, and unity to jointly explore solutions to global challenges.

The resolution centers around core principles of the GCI, clearly states that all achievements of civilizations are the commonwealth of humanity, advocates for the respect for the diversity of civilizations, and emphasizes the important role of dialogue among civilizations in maintaining world peace, promoting common development, enhancing human well-being, and achieving common progress, Lin said.

Lin said in today's world, different countries and regions have their own distinctive paths to modernization, rooted in rich and diverse cultural heritages that have been passed down through the ages. In a world where the destiny of nations is closely intertwined, the coexistence and exchange of different civilizations play an irreplaceable role in advancing humanity's modernization process and making the garden of world civilizations flourish, he added.

"The resolution has received a warm response and broad support from the international community, with a majority of UN member states co-signing and endorsing the resolution," said Lin, adding that international organizations such as the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization have highly praised the resolution, recognizing its significant importance.

China is willing to work together with the international community to actively implement the resolution adopted by the UNGA, making unremitting efforts to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning, as well as to foster world peace and development, Lin added. ■