CGTN Documentary “China’s War on Poverty” broadcasts on PBS across the U.S.A

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“我们深入走访了中国的重度贫困地区,亲身接触当地村民、地方官员和第三方监督机构,进而对中国消除贫困的决心和行动产生了前所未有的认知与了解。” ——中国问题专家罗伯特.劳伦斯.库恩         

“We had unprecedented access embedded in their poverty alleviation programs as we traveled across China to desperately impoverished areas, meeting villagers, local officials, and independent monitors." ——Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Dr. Kuhn following the Party Secretary of villages to visit poor households in Hainan Province. /CGTN Photo

“这部专题纪录片十分独特里面一切,都是我要带给世界的好让他们看到,中国正经历的前所未有的变化。” 这是美国导演彼得·盖泽尔对他所执导的专题纪录片《中国脱贫攻坚》致上的一句结语。

“This is unique.This is what I want to tell.This is what I need to bring out to the rest of the world to realize,This is something unprecedented that is happening in China.” This is what Peter Getzel, director of the documentary “Voice from the Frontline: China’s War on Poverty” said in an interview with us. His first comment.


The feature documentary "Voices from the Frontline: China's War on Poverty" is presented by China's State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development in association with CGTN, the Kuhn Foundation, and PBS SoCal, hosted and written by Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host of the CGTN program “Closer to China with R.L. Kuhn”, renowned China expert and recipient of the China Reform Friendship Medal, and is produced by a joint US-China production team. It provides a textured and intimate portrayal of China’s historic “targeted poverty alleviation.” 

Dr. Kuhn filmed parts of the documentary in bitter cold. /CGTN Photo


Since as early as 2012, China has stressed the great importance of “targeted poverty alleviation.” As President Xi Jinping once said, “Poverty alleviation has always been a most important part of my work, and I have spent more energy on it than on anything else.” China has reduced its poor population from 98.99 million in 2012 to 5.51 million in 2019, and its registered poor counties from 832 in 2013 to 52 in 2019.


Will China achieve its target of successfully eradicating all extreme poverty in the country in 2020? During an inspection tour in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, China's President Xi Jinping urged enhanced efforts to overcome the negative impact of the COVID-19 epidemic to ensure the country reaches its goals in eradicating poverty in rural areas in 2020.  What kind of systems helps China achieve such success? "Voices from the Frontline: China's War on Poverty" reveals the country's secrets in eradicating extreme poverty.


The production of the documentary took two years, during which the film crew visited poor households in six provinces — Guizhou, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Sichuan and Hainan — and interviewed the director of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, as well as government officials at the provincial, city, county, township and village levels.

The international crew filming the Party secretaries at five levels of local government, who coordinate their work to combat poverty in rural Lyuliang, Shanxi Province.  /CGTN Photo

通过跟踪拍摄,纪录片用纪实手法真实还原每一个扶贫、脱贫故事: 坚守农村扶贫一线的第一书记、不甘命运奋发求学的甘肃女孩、饲养骆驼摆脱贫困的哈萨克牧民、易地搬迁走出大山的贵州老人。                                                                                                      

The documentary captures in verité style the following stories: The young Party Secretary working in a remote village; the Gansu girl who changed her fate through education;  The Kazakh herder who lifted himself out of poverty by raising camels;  The elderly of Guizhou who were relocated out of the mountains.                                                                                                                             


Focusing on everyman’s lifestory, the documentary presents the Chinese concepts of “targeted poverty alleviation” and explains the “five methods” to overseas audiences. 

纪录片也是首次以媒体随行拍摄的方式,记录了脱贫攻坚第三方评估全过程,印证了 “中国脱贫攻坚结果是较真的,想做假是不行的”这一事实:“帮扶人员没来过我家。”当评估团队悄悄到访,当贫困户默默说下这句话时,在场的地方政府官员面红耳赤、哑口无言。

The documentary recorded on camera, for the first time, the entire process of a third-party assessment of poverty alleviation, echoing the words of Liu Yongfu, Director of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development. “China’s goal of poverty alleviation is clear,” he said; “our determination is firm, subjects clear, tasks concrete. Requirements to get result are stringent. Fraudulent practices will not be tolerated.” 


With the first crow at dawn, we set off again, in search of the little-known story covered in deep mountains and hills where the poor reside. Poverty alleviation campaign is en route with no cease, so is our documentary “Voices from the Frontline: China’s War on Poverty”.

Dr. Kuhn visiting a poor household with Yao Hai, Party-Branch Secretary of Daijing Village, Huishui County, Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. /CGTN Photo

2019年,《中国脱贫攻坚》专题纪录片在美国公共电视网南加州电视台(PBS SoCal)播出,并收到来自全球各界人士的观影反馈:

Since its pilot on PBS SoCal in 2019, the documentary has been warmly received by audiences all over the world: 

 “《中国脱贫攻坚》这部纪录片以前所未有的个人视角深入观察中国社会,全面展示了中国实现在2020年全面建成“小康社会”的努力。” ——马斯顿公关公司主席公共关系领袖罗伯特•马斯顿

 “The documentary offers an unprecedented individual insight into Chinese society, providing a comprehensive picture of China's efforts to achieve its goal of building a "moderately prosperous society" by 2020.” ——Robert Marston, Chairman of Marston Strategic Communications

“《中国脱贫攻坚》生动阐述了中国在扶贫领域的伟大成就。中国四十年的对外开放帮助中国人摆脱贫困,这个成就在世界范围内都是无可比拟的。” ——美国前助理国防部长、“修昔底德陷阱”的提出者格雷厄姆·艾利森 

“The documentary illustrates China's great achievements in poverty alleviation vividly. As an achievement unprecedented in the world, China's four decades of reform and opening-up have contributed to lift its people out of poverty.” —— Graham Allison, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense and author of the "Thucydides Trap"

“《中国脱贫攻坚》这部纪录片生动地讲述了习近平主席如何带领中国人民消除极端贫困的故事,这些遍及中国各地的扶贫工作取得的实质性进展是非常引人入胜的故事。” ——中国改革友谊奖章获得者莫里斯·格林伯格 

“The documentary tells a fascinating story, showing how President Xi jinping led the Chinese people to shake off extreme poverty.” ——Maurice Greenberg, winner of the China Reform Friendship Medal

“这是一部伟大的纪录片,脱贫攻坚一定会成为习近平主席非常重要的政治遗产。” ——好莱坞知名制片人、奥斯卡最佳导演迈克·麦达沃伊

 “It was a great documentary, noting that poverty alleviation would become an important political legacy for President Xi Jinping.” —— Michael Medavoy, Hollywood producer and Academy Award winner

2020年,专题纪录片《中国脱贫攻坚》将面向更多更广的海外受众,于北京时间2020年5月12日10:00(美西时间2020年5月11日19:00)在美国公共电视网南加州电视台首播,官网在线直播,并陆续在 PBS全美210家电视台播出。

In 2020, "Voices from the Frontline: China's War on Poverty" will be open to lager-scale oversea audience. It is to premiere on PBS SoCal in U.S. on May 11, 2020, and will be broadcast on PBS stations across the country with streaming available online at, as well as on and on the free PBS App.


“Come and behold, something probably you don't know much about, and it will change the way you view China.” Said Peter Getzel. His last comment.