Hou Qie’an: Li Dazhao’s Thinking and Practice of Founding the Party

2021-07-22 09:12:56 | Author:Hou Qie’an | Source:Marxism & Reality No. 3 2021

In the study of the history of the CPC, the research on the ideas for founding the Party of the main founders during the founding period of the Party has always been weak. This paper adheres to the epistemological principle of consistency of logic and history, focuses on the Party cofounder, Li Dazhao’s theoretical thinking and practical process of founding the Party, and analyzes how to carry on his precious theoretical legacy. This paper emphasizes that the early Chinese Communists, such as Li Dazhao, did not create the Party by completely following the Soviet Russian model. Starting from the reality of northern China and in light of the changes in the political struggle, they adjusted their thinking, explored the plan of national revolution in line with their own characteristics, and worked hard to found the Party independently.